Thursday, February 5, 2009

About missing doormats

It can be pretty windy where I live, and life gets a little tough around that time. The last time it happened, I lost my doormat. Nothing special about the doormat of course, but seeing how rarely I buy things, this was pretty high on my list of shit-I-need-to-buy-first-for-my-own-apartment. That was well over a year ago, and the gaudy green fella took his share of footfalls and very, very rare dusting. Happy times I suppose. The mat wasn't replaced, I'm too lazy to drag my cheap ass even to walmart.

When I returned to my apartment 2 days ago, I noticed the said mat in front of a neighbor 2 doors down. Very curious. I haven't walked close enough to the apartment to investigate, but it looks like mine alright. What are the chances that someone was as deprived of color sense as I was, in the same block?

Why would someone pick up a doormat lying in the vicinity of his/her house and start using it? Would I be a bigger cheapskate by trying to claim it?

As a side, yes - this is as much as exciting as my life gets on weekdays. Weekends are the same, only there's beer involved.

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