Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Hump Day

Christmas costs less at Walmart

I often wonder about feminism and feminists. There is obviously a lot of injustice in the world and the libbers are striving for equality. It's just that their focus can be a bit off. I'm too lazy to pull quotes from prominent feminists and post their beliefs on the matter. Most people I've seen do that end up looking like pompous pricks anyway - more about that later. I'll speak of my experiences, and hope to represent the "common man". I'm assuming the rational idea is to achieve equality, as impossible as that dream is. An argument about equality is far easier to settle and far less lethal than one of superiority.
Women have suffered pretty badly in the past - no voting rights, no careers, no education - and that's just in the "western world". Women in India have faced monthly isolation, dowry harassment, widows had their heads shaved, some even burnt alive with their husbands' corpses. Justifiably, women's rights advocates have worked hard (and are far from finished) to bring some balance in society. Somewhere, somehow women's rights evolved into feminism, and a rush for power, and an almost unspoken desire for revenge - not retribution or reparation. Wise women can keep all these goals distinct, but what happened to ordinary ones, who only have vague ideas of what to do with their voices? You see them in so many places - special interest clubs in colleges/offices, journals/newsletters and of course - the internet. Somehow, with numbers and information, the visions get all muddled up. Feminism then becomes a fad, anything phallic needs to be cut away, the man is the symbol of everything wrong with the world. Arguments go from unreasonable to plain bizzare.
I've noticed two trends. One is to strive for so much equality, the distinction between sexes is lost. I lose focus quickly (common man) and I have just one example. Some actresses in India will refuse to be called anything but an actor. I haven't understood this argument, and from what I know it's something to the tune of "the profession of acting doesn't have a gender and calling a woman an actress is sexist". What? Talk about trivializing the struggle for equality in occupations. A woman engaged in the profession is an actress, a man in that profession is an actor. That's English, not sexism. What next, humans are equal so the terms man and woman can't be used anymore?
The other trend is to claim how great the women are, and their demand for equality is but a favor on the selfish men. The silliest argument, and this comes mostly from really misguided minds, is that a woman's role is vital in childbirth. The importance of gestation aside, it still needs at least minimal participation from a man - natural or not. Women are better than men at several things, but using childbirth will not get you taken seriously.

I reserve special adoration towards the feminazis. The ones who find creative ways to call us men folk dicks, bastards and such. The feeling that all we want is sex and don't give a damn about women is almost as bas as the generalization that women the world over are better off without men. Please, get a grip sistah. Men and women need each other. Men will love the female body, women will give them reason for the lust. Lines will be crossed, but more as the exception than the rule.

I will close with a quote though. My mother has always said "feminism is about choice - I chose to go to grad school, I chose to work where I did, I chose to give it up after marriage, and I chose to raise you the way I did".

Offer good while supplies last

Why do people write the way they do? Do they have a bunch of thoughts need to be published? Do they want feedback from friends and strangers? I can't answer the first question, but if I were to be honest I'd say "yes" to the other two. But then what constitutes good writing? I'm sure good grammar and spelling play a major role, but how important is bulky verbiage? I'd be kidding if I said I didn't know any "big" words. But I have an aversion to using words that have more than 3 or 4 syllables. I have an aversion to sentences more than 2 lines long. I believe good writing need not be demonstrated by pompous skulduggery and quotes from 10 quasi-famous men to support your notion. Simplicity is greatly rewarding.
While on the subject of writing, I have a devil of a time choosing titles. I don't have a title even now. All the articles I have published so far have had titles chosen by underpaid overworked editors. Some part of my opinion about the editors may be a romantic notion :)

Interactive Flash Forwards

I made my first album purchase on iTunes. The Soul's Release - Somewhere, Sometime. Listen to "Dripping Whispers" if you can. I'm crazy about Mogwai and they remind me a lot of 'em.


Cynic in Wonderland said...

Superbly written. Reality is men and women cannot be equal - nature will not allow that.The feminist ideal should be to get equal opportunities and a equal hearing.

Having said that, I also agree with this very insightful quote which i had read somewhere which said something to the effect that "when a man does something stupid, the world calls him a stupid man. when a woman does something stupid, the world says "women are stupid"" ( slight digression I know - but maybe that causes the alpha femmenazis as well!

a million different people said...

I'm going to sound bland telling you how well you write, in as many words, everytime.

I wonder how feminism started. And I really want to know why they do what they do.

But I've seen that feminists generally don't want an argument or a discussion; they think they're beyond that. So you can never ask them for a reason or even talk to them sanely. =\

Thanatos said...

@ Cynic

Thanks! Great quote indeed, I'm sure I've been guilty of that feeling too.


Thanks :)

Yeah, more than wanting to debate or discuss, they want to win and get the point across. Very tiring to be on the receiving end.