Friday, December 5, 2008

Because lists are easy

People I don't like

- people who talk too much. Shhh, speak when spoken too.
- people who violate my personal space. Maintain 3 feet distance at all times
- people who reply on forums and say "I don't care". You replied. You care.
- people who call each other names on youtube.
- people who say anyways.
- people who turn on indicators in turn-only lanes. Yes, I get it already.
- lady drivers on cell phones. Most of you suck at driving, let alone talking and driving with 1 hand.
- people who turn any conversation into a bragfest about their kids. You got/got someone knocked up. Congrats. Big whoop.
- people who make idle conversation when I'm working. Go away.
- snooty waiters. I make much more than you do. Go get my soup now.


Purely Narcotic said...

violation of physical space and 'anyways', you're right on!

Snooty waiters: You get paid because I even bothered to eat here. Now get my soup!

Coloured people who fawn at the sight of white people, Get over your colonial hangover already! Case in point: Filipino cashier at the counter to White man,*big grin*'Thank you Sir! Come again'*big grin* Next in line is me- Grim face-change banged on the counter. 'I ain't worthy of a smile and thank you, eh?' 'Excuse me Ma'am?' Narco launches into harangue.

Ignorant White Trash. Trash it please?

a million different people said...

Okay. :( Three feet distance. *walks to corner*

And I don't like people who stare at me when I go out. Ugh, find someone else, bitch.

Thanatos said...

@ Narcotic : Fawning over white people - true true. We don't get too many white trash in my village but will keep an eye out next time :D


Shameless. Not you. Come here *hug*

Cynic in Wonderland said...

people who say "whatevaaaa"