Monday, October 27, 2008

We're all made of stars

The son is drunk. Positively sloshed in-fact. The bottle is still half full (or half empty?) of the dark stuff he's been raising to his lips. His speech is slurred and he can't walk in a straight line. Here's trouble. Dad at 12 'o clock. Dad has this humongous mustache that says clearly "I've far too much time (and hair gel)on my hands".

But wait. It's only the first half hour. So things must still be fun. The hero couldn't say his name without slurring. All of a sudden, he can sing. And hit every note. The invisible symphony must have helped. Oh look, the dad sings too. Talented family this!

The son's wearing a wig. The father's wearing a ridiculous turban. He's probably a lot younger than the superstar with the bottle. All the dad wants is for the son to come home. Perhaps play the son next time. The son staggers out of his reach. Age doesn't catch up with him, his heroines stay young, his waistline gets bigger. Haha. The geeky college kid, cool casanova, the dumb jock are all dancing too. Their eyes say they can do better than the man with the shaved chest. A few more years like this and they may get to wear that silk shirt. But first, need to make fun of bodily functions.

The song's getting faster and louder, the end is near. Dad's getting more and more desperate, his heart attack is due in 1.5 scenes. "Hurry up son, we must entertain!!" The super-star doesn't care, his character is unabashedly loveable. The masses love him, they'll buy that toothpaste/shoe/car. He'll do a "patriotic film", curse the neighbors a bit, his songs will be a cricket team's anthem.  He climbs a ladder, winks at the screen. They're cheering, laughing and amazed at this antics. Such a good film. Completely different. He drank from a glass the last time. Seems he had an affair with that pretty girl. That's the life!

The father pleads with his son, he needs to convince the people he can do more than wear a dhoti. The son relents, he knows he can't stretch his culture any longer. The people are whistling. They believe. They disbelieve. They lap it up, they ignore it. That voice in the back of the head is easily shushed.

The next movie comes out this Friday. Can't wait for it. Heard the songs are really good.


a million different people said...

Hahaha. Wonderfully ridiculed.


PS: I see the Name/URL thing. Wooo. Much wuv.

Thanatos said...

Thanks! Only, I wanted it to be a little more melancholic, guess I can't help making fun of people :(

a million different people said...

Melancholic? Hehe. =)

T, when you and/or this blog become(s) famous no? I'll be known as the girl who fell all over you. :(

Thanatos said...

You have me wrapped up all around you anyway :D

Yaay to cheeziness!

Purely Narcotic said...

Ahem. Ahem. What is this you kids? People are watching, no? Also heard, 'Can't they get a private chat-room?'

Before I go all 'Awww...' on you, be good!;)

Thanatos said...

@ Narcotic

We be like that only :D