Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Highway Star

I'm a pretty aggressive driver. I drive at least 10 over the limit, always get to the left lane as soon I take the ramp, tail people who drive slower than the speed limit in the left lane, honk/flash limits when people cut me off. I also drive on the right-ish lanes when I feel like driving slow, let people into my lane if they give me suficient intent (what, can't use your indicators for 3s before you change lanes?), yield to peds etc. Not a complete a-hole, ya'know. Also, I don't switch to the right lane when I'm being tailed when I'm already doing 10 over. I'm going fast enough, if you need to overtake me - find a way. If I need to overtake someone going faster than the limit, I will weave like a madman.

Few people make an impression on me when I drive and fewer read this blog. Still. Talking about random people is fun. (Speed limit is 65 mph).

@ Stereotypical girl on cell phone driving 3 tonne SUV
You scare me. I will stay out of your way.

@ White Mustang GT
You tailed me and in a rare moment of courtesy I yielded, but still stayed ahead of you driving in the right lane. 2 mins later I got back ahead of you. Ha. It's not all about the horsepower :D

@ Blue dodge charger
You were in the left lane, were being tailed by that Silver Acura TSX. You wanted to get in front of me. I gave you some 3 cars worth of space and you still kept your indicator on, perhaps the speeds were too high. I flashed the headlights and you took the hint and got into the lane. Fun.

@ Silver Acura TSX
I tailed and then overtook you from the right. Payback's fun.

@ Blue 300C
You tailed me. I slowed down, just to piss you off. You tried overtaking me from the right, I sped up and didn't let you pass. We danced like that thrice. Hilarious. Same time next week?

@ White Ford Focus
You tailed me. I let you pass and then tailed you at 85 mph for 5 miles. You let me pass but shook your fist at me. I smiled back. I just love days like those.

@ White Accord.
You cut me off. I honked. You gave me a thumbs up sign. What? I overtook and cut you off for good measure.

@ Black Dodge Ram
You tailed me at 85 mph. For 10 miles. I braked, I slowed down. You tailed me more. I couldn't see over your grill in my rear view. I got out the way. Scary. I flipped you off, just in case.

@ Green Toyota Prius.
You tailed me at 80mph. I didn't even know a Prius could go that fast. I got out of your way. I had to. Respect.


a million different people said...

And you still need that video game!

PS: Can you let people with a "Name/URL" comment please? It's difficult. X(

Thanatos said...

Eh. I like cutting things up. So? :(

Comments fixed.

Vaudevillian said...

one of them was a transformer. did you realise?

Thanatos said...

Maybe, but he must have had suspect AI.