Thursday, October 2, 2008

Look ma! They're talking about us

So. I've been tagged by the kid. I'll get to it when I finish what I'm getting paid for. I understand that "tagging" is a very important part of social existence and some people take this very, very, very seriously. Not the kid, I'm guessing, but still.

While waiting for another long code-compile, I found this.
"This deal has everything to do with being able to say we changed relations with India and with building good relations with the Brahmin elite of that country, but it has nothing to do with nonproliferation and will only set it back," says Henry Sokolski, executive director of the Non-Proliferation Policy Education Center in Washington."
Complete article here.
Amusing, given that we're the land of this guy, him and of course, him.


Vaudevillian said...


where'd the black go?

Thanatos said...

@ Vaudevillian

Tis the age to experiment ;)