Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dear MTV,

So. Played basketball. Broke tailbone. Played cricket, almost lost a tooth, lost a small chunk of lower lip. Played touch football. Hurt knees, and twisted ankle - badly. Was sleeping. Lost my piercing. Was moving stuff. Ripped a toenail out. The last 3 were in the space of a month.

When can I get my own reality show? Can we call it Darwin was wrong?


Gauri said...

OUCH!!! but before that i couldnt help going HAHAHA!!;) nice post btw and hope your recuperating from all the aches and pains:)

Thanatos said...

Thanks for the wishes!

A million different people said...

So basically my comment from 85 million years ago which refuses to come up read like this:

How come I never saw the lower lip without the lost chunk? I want a closer look. :P

You need to stop being so darn cool.

Thanatos said...

Well. I keep saying "eyes up here" and you never listen :(

The said chunk has since grown back. As far as seeing the scar is concerned you'll have to explore better ;)

a million different people said...

Heh. It's pointless going risque with you. You never get embarrassed. :(

Explore better? Ugh. :P

Thanatos said...

Thankfully you do, so there's a balance :D