Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'll try.

I usually do not use colloquialisms while talking. I don't speak terrific english, but most people don't cringe when I start rambling. Anyway, one problem I do have is the usage of "like". I've used that word excessively even before I came to Dubya land, and it's gotten worse over the years. Like, you know, how you say like when you're just talking, like to your friends and like, you're all like "I want to eat Italian today" and your friend's all like "Like, I just ate I shouldn't go swimming for 2 hours". Eh. You get the idea.

So. I promised myself today that I'll stop using that word unless I actually need to compare two things. The kid usually corrects my grammar and horrendous spelling, so I'm putting her in charge.

Also I discovered yesterday that there are few things in this world more lethal than 20-something pissed-off drunk, blond, very political republicans. At least they bought me a beer. W00t!


A million different people said...

I'm gonna like, take like, so much advantage of that. :D

I will also try and used like as much as possible in our dialogue.

Thanatos said...

You take advantage of me anyway :P

a million different people said...

You manipulating bum!

Thanatos said...

I'm manipulative because I'm asking for your help?

a million different people said...

Why are you always correcting my English?

I'm allowed to make mistakes. It's not my mother tongue. Plus, it was just two letters.