Friday, January 20, 2006

Why does everything have to be so complicated?

Obviously, this post is not about that teenage screecher.

Last year (I'm barely into 2006) saw the release of two amazing political dramas. Well, one was only decent, but I'm getting ahead of myself here. Syriana, was an awesome movie, complicated (damn, whats with me and that wench?). Clooney did an awesome job and is lapping up well deserved awards (he should stop crying during acceptance speeches though, totally not Danny Ocean). A must watch movie

My post is mainly concerned with another interesting movie, Munich A Spielberg movie, which means it was an automatic choice for me, JP 3 not withstanding. The movie sadly, was long and not half as taut as Saving Pvt. Ryan. Then again, you dont make epics like that every release. The movie's a true-ish story about the '72 olympics when 11 Israeli athletes were killed by a Palestinian radical group. The movie then has Mossad agents (Bana, the new bond guy, the villian from TR 2) kill the arabs who were "responsible". Throw in lots of blood, hyper realistic dead bodies (no wonder it was rated R) and some tears, you have Munich. There was much too much drama (esp in the sex scenes). I hated Bana in The Hulk, and he acted equally silly in this too. Now let me stop behaving like an unqualified critic and get to the point.

While the movie itself didnt impress me, what I found really thought provoking was the response this movie and similiar movies draw from the various ethnic groups. I've led a sheltered life all these years and all the ethnicity I've seen is a confused punjabi. But over the last 6 months, more by design than chance, I've interacted with several nationalities and found their lifestyles most interesting. More compelling, however, is their impression of themsleves and the world around them. My Iranian boss, who has utter disregard for his roots, felt the Arabs were portrayed as "terrorists" because the movie is supposedly squarely one sided. He felt the Jews were shown to be nice and compassionate (so they arent?)because Spielberg's a jew. I havent spoken to any Israeli yet, wonder what he/she has to say about the movie. Obviously quite a few "arabs" (hate that word) I know, feel the chaps in the movies and real life are freedom fighters and are justified

While the US struggles with the Iraq war (and is hopefully wise enough to leave Iran alone), there are so many opinions flying around it makes the whole concept of perspective so darn difficult to understand.

1) Chinese cant stand the Japanese and hate being confused for one
2) Middle east conflict...need I say anything
3) India those who believe there's a solution, I wish you luck
4) Iraqis call themselves freedom fighters and the Americans think they're terrorists. Who's right?
5) Does anyone remember Native Americans?

What I'm confused is who runs this world. I get this feeling there's this incredible conspiracy afoot which none of us will never know about. All hatred and affinity is inspired by what we see around us. Is the press really telling us what we need to know? Does democracy really work? Do we get what we want? And can we show our opinion only once in 5 years? (to be outweighed by a million illiterate people; perspective again)

Footnote 1 : A native American (drunk and silly, but technically correct) told me "You Indian? I'm Indian too! Welcome to MY country"

Footnote 2 : They say I ask too many questions, silly questions. Perpective

Footnote 3 : Bob Dylan rules.


Praveen said...

Bob Dylan just sings songs my friend...Clapton RULES.

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Seriously good post ...