Sunday, December 25, 2005

My Attempts at Normalcy

This post is not about vampires and blood. Bear with me. In fact, its 3 almost normal posts all under 1 topic. I ask for your patience


Now that I'm all giddily in favor of Legal Music , I was all pumped about my latest aquisition, Nightwish's "Once". Put together a STRANGE looking gothic chick much like Morticia Adams, some wierd dude with a silly beard and a bunch of other non descript scandinavian dudes, what do you get? Decent music, bordering "good". Back them with a "Hoo Haa" chanting orchestra complete with cellos, violins and now what do you get? A kick ass symphonic metal album. Good value for money (heck, there's a music video too), its a neat change from this stuff. Downside, the lyrics range from cliched metal lyrics about clans, death and heaven to the downright ridiculous romantic stuff. Romance? Romance? Geez. If you've followed this band, you'll know the lead singer has been fired. Big deal...

Ah, the Pearl Jam classic Alive solo is playing. Unreal.

Am now waiting for my Doors collectors' edition DVD. Go Jimmo!

The Great Outdoors

The past few months were all about my silly laptop. No, thats my computer, you pervert. Free from academics for a month, I took off (rather was taken) for a day of snowboarding. For all of you think skiing is graceful and you can reach high speeds on two slender sticks I've one word for you : "PANSIES". Snowboarding is THE way to go.

The night before, I slept at 2 AM and woke @ 6 AM. Got ready and went to friends place. We left at abt 8 and got to "Copper Mountain" @ abt 10. I signed up for lessons (a sweet $125). Rented boots, snowboard. Damn thing's light

There the "junior" instructor determined which "foot" I use. Determining my foot ascertains which direction I'll be rushing down the mountain i.e. left hand in front or right hand in front. This is a very complicated, scientific method requiring years of training. This involves this complicated process, try to follow

1) Make subject stand with back facing instructor with no clue of whats to come
2) Push subject
3) Watch which leg bends first while subject falls down hopelessly.
4) Pay no attention to swearing subject (and reply with silly grin)

Turned out I use the "normal" left leg. So I've to go down the mountain left sideways. Then was given a basic heads up about snow boarding, also suffered my first fall. Then taken up the ski lift. Darn thing has no seatbelts. Getting off the ski lift is torture as u have to slide out. Sigh. Fell down hopelessely. Met main instructor. She was teachin basic techniques. Joined in (Whats your name? Pithri? Prithi? Pitri? ) Was taught plenty about screaming down the slope (bunny slope). Garland turn, toe-side, heel-side and the like. Then lunch @ 1230. 9 bucks for a slice of pizza. BASTARDS!!! When we came back, instructor said she was so happy with our progress she wanted to take us to the next level. "You're doing pretty well!!" Learnt stopping techniques (as of now stopping meant falling on bum).

Verdict's that I'm pretty good for a rookie. Like the stupid ABCDs say "Too good yaar". Had an awesome time. I even did a jump (ended in a sore fall, but the rush!!!!!)

I can do an 'S' turn, can stop from any speed without falling. I rule.

Came back home soaked. Spoils of the day : Near broken knees, near broken wrists, near dislocated left shoulder. Cant wait to get back. Skiers, get a life

Reverse Bungee jumping, here I come

What Dreams May Come

I finally slept after a week. Yes, I was up for 24 X 5 days.

Turns out it was a bad idea. I was cleaning decks on a pirate ship (go figure), was pissed I didnt get invited to a party for movie experts(there was some stuff about C programming too). Worse, I had 2 separate dreams of me begging my ex to take me back. Damn, I'm not sleeping again


Akshaya Aradhya said...

You insane?!!!

U r a hopeless inso-maniac :P.... and u keep having Freakin fun all the time?

Not fair. Hmmmph. (>_<)

Devathma said...

Yeah, You have overdoses of the following
1. orkut
2. fun
3. fun
4. fun
5. Yahoo messenger
6. sleepless nights
7. and more fun
I ever wish fun could be saved in a bank
You could write me a cheque and I could make you bankrupt blah blah blah
Gr8 stuff man!

Praveen said...

dood????....I never new even u do such things(read blogging)....
This surely reduces all the respect I have for the Lizard King.

Anyways...all hail the King...who is this guy???