Monday, January 30, 2006

A Random Post...My very own

I've noticed many posts are an amalgamation of random (and often incogenrent) thoughts, otherwise lousy babble but seemingly fancy and fleeting when typed in small letters with a black background. I personally find it hard to think incohenrently, let alone write so. To each to his own I guess.

What I do despise are 3 word long sentences separated by 3 dots.

today...was cool day...saw her finally...felt great

Is it that difficult to type in whole sentences? Again, to each his own. This is supposed to be one of them random posts.

I read somewhere (in fact in several places) "A friend is one who smiles with you and cries with you". There are several complications of the same. However in my opinion "A friend is one who snaps "Stop crying you pussy, lemme buy you a drink" and/or "You're laughing today, buy me a drink you sob" Cussing and alcohol may vary, but I guess you get the idea.

Federer cried again. Idiot.

My keyboard's broken. Actually no, I type like shit. I dont hit the keys hard enough. I use only my middle and index fingers. Also, I think ahead of myself and miss out words. Mortals call that bad english. Pshaw. I write to let my thoughts see the light. They do that whether or not the words appear on print. In other words, dear reader, I dont care what you think of the blog

Crash won in the Screen Actors Guild. Awesome. I told you so

I'm done


Devathma said...

One of the best on your blog
Finally the blog address holds relevance to this post [:D]
Insane ravings
Keep them coming man
Simply superb

Crouching Tigress said...

The Federer bit was so funny!

PSB said...


Thanks mate. Though I felt the last few posts were sane. Oh well

@crouching tigress

Picture this...1 bottle absolut, 4 hours of sleep deprivation to watch the king, and I get to see a grown man cry at 5:30 AM. Aint life grand?

The God Of Tall Things said...

i ... really hate ... those people ... who ... put those silly ... dots.

Since you dont care what people think about your blog, I wont tell you that its awesome.