Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Idiot Prayer

I don't have a profound insight into life. In fact, I have very little insight. Into anything. However, I am the eternal optimist.

I believe, I can work just as hard as anyone else. That I can be as clever as need be. That I can let go. That I can smile. That twenty-six years* weren't so bad, another fifty won't be terribly shabby either.

I'd like to imagine that humans can do good. That someone somewhere really is working on clean fuel, better cars and cheaper food.

I can hope that we'll stop going down this spiral of destruction. That 10 years from now, the place I call home won't be brimming with people, corruption, callous disregard for others' lives - as it already does now.

I can dream that outer space will someday be in our reach. That we can colonize other planets, spread out and evolve before this one home we have implodes. That one day we'll be able to make spaceflights that take us millions of miles in a few hours. That Clarke wasn't being wistful while dreaming of our future. That his entire bibliography wasn't a slap in our faces of what will never come to be.

Maybe I should just get back to work.

* - not my birthday. Yet.


Bird said...

I like this one. Mainly because i too am an optimist, or an idealist (whichever come first). And I also think of a future Clarke world and hope against a future Huxley world. And you should get back to work, not because you're off your rocker..but you've done your part today.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Some wise feller had said - (paraphrased coz i dont want to google) - that if you are not an idealist before 25 you dont have a heart, and if you are an idealist after 25 you dont have a abrain

But i like this post. It has hope.

Anonymous said...

Or like, a wise at work man who calls himself a realist says, "Why be an optimist and set myself up for disappointment? I'd like to be pleasantly surprised each time instead."


Purely Narcotic said...

This reminded me of Carl Sagan's Pale blue dot. 'Nuff said, methinks. (Ha, it's tagged "The Blues" too!)

And like captcha says, all "phype" only.

The Depressed Doormat said...

"That someone somewhere really is working on clean fuel, better cars and cheaper food."

Sure they are, but that doesn't mean shit. Peace sells, but who's buying? Yes, Megadeth >> Metallica.

Rassles said...

Work is lame.

Thanatos said...

@Bird - Thanks! Future Huxley world is scary, and can so easily happen!

@Cynic - ha, never had a brain!

@G - Hello. I am the eternal optimist, hopeless and incurable...

@Narco - I watch that clip a lot.

@Doormat - I don't have an opinion there, both bands were equally devious live, but only Megadeth felt like heavy metal.

@Rassles - not if you turn it into a drinking game!