Monday, February 22, 2010

The Entertainer

What if I had a thought I couldn't tell you about? What if it's something I don't like thinking about? What if it's something I want to drive out of my head?

Take me up and out
Cause rainy days are all I feel
I'm walking about
I know that, there's no time
In the days of muse breaks
I had to hang on tight
Looking back I wish I had
more time for, you...

I have something to say, words aren't my friends today. How about a tune? I can't pick up a guitar and pluck away, staring into the distance.

A new song is a journey. A collection of notes, chords and words waiting to be explored. A gentle start, gathering pace, expression, notions, ideas. Slow it down for a moment, contemplate, take it forward. Pick it up, undulations, rhythms, assertions, belief. Ease up, hope for the best, fade to black.
Isolation, self-loathing, sleep deprivation, self-pity, love, rage, desire, hope.

Play. Play all night long.


Australis said...

Someone once told me, "Where words stop, music begins."

And your post is such a lovely expression of that sentiment. Loved it.

Thanatos said...

Thanks! Love the quote.

Australis said...

And that's the thing with music isn't it...whatever it is being expressed - even negative emotions like isolation, self-loathing, sleep deprivation, self-pity - it will still do it better than with words.

Purely Narcotic said...

Thank you for the music! :)

Thanatos said...

@Australis - Yes, thank god there are so many people infinitely better talented than me

@Narco - anytime!