Saturday, September 5, 2009

Whiskey on the Rocks

Fuck the whole debate about legalization of weed.

Screw the drug tests and the regulations and the rules about possession.

Alcohol is my drug and I am its willing victim. It makes me laugh, rage, love and laugh some more. It makes me act out of my skin and then kill memories of the night. It gives me the hangover so that I can avoid the consequences of a rough night.

Dear alcohol, whether sold to me as an expensive single blend or cheap revolting swine piss, I love you all the same. You never quit me and I'll never leave you.


Purely Narcotic said...

From being stoned out of my head the night before to waking up cheery and bright eyed the next morning, I'll take the weed. Anyday, anytime.

Alcohol makes me laugh, rage, love and laugh some more but weed calms me down and lets me sleep like a baby. And having a license is win. :D

Thanatos said...

You have a license? What? How?

Purely Narcotic said...

It's California, muahahah! Colorado might talk about a $1 fine for possession but CA baby takes it all the way.

PS. A friend managed to get a license. For asthma. And the good times are rollin' rollin rollin'! :D