Friday, September 11, 2009

Black or White

My non-Indian friend met an Indian girl (from Mumbai) at work. During conversation my friend mentioned that she knew me, and that she'd visit Bangalore next year. Pat came the reply "oh, he's from Bangalore? His skin must be darker than mine"*. My friend mused that my skin is in-fact a couple of shades lighter than Ms. KKK.

I hope I get to meet the wannabe Aryan soon. So much fun to be had, bring lots of popcorn.

My grandpa's brother is visiting over the weekend. It's a wonder that he is ambulant, let alone so active at his age. Unfortunately, he does not drink alcohol. I have no idea how I can entertain someone for 3 days without beer. Every day's a new challenge!

* - North Indians stereotype South Indians as having dark skin. The northies, as I like calling them, believe they're descended from "immigrating Aryans" - a theory which has been proven untrue. Read here and here.


Purely Narcotic said...

Fuck. I can't believe people like these are for real. :|

Cynic in Wonderland said...

Really? but why would anyone want to talk about skin colour to random firngi strangers?

Rassles said...

When I took linguistics, I was taught the "Out of India" theory about Indo-European languages, which basically theorizes that because the language grouping extends from the Indian subcontinent and throughout Europe, technically Europeans migrated from India. So if that's true, then you're fucking Aryan. Deal with it.

Or we're all descended from Russians. Samarians. Whatever.

Thanatos said...

@Narcotic : Yeah, pisses me off a lot.

@Cynic : Insecurities, perhaps?

@Rassles : We're all descendants of the giant cupcake in the sky - no one's going to shake my belief.