Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Houses of the Holy

I seem to go from total self-confidence to debilitating crises of self-assurance these days. Jealousy plays a small part in the mess of emotions I find myself in. It's like being in my early teens all over again, coming up with absurd plans to go to the next base.

You see, I'm not the only one chasing the pot of gold at the other end of a sale agreement, anyone with a salary is trying to find four walls and a roof. S is a stingy bastard - no other way to put it. Actually, I can do better. He's an incredibly calculating, enterprising individual who'll juggle everyone else's money to his best benefits. The rub of green went his way and he bought a foreclosed home for half its market value. Miscommunication with the banks had him pay a hefty cash down to secure the home, but that's where his skills of using borrowed money came into play. Thanks to prodding from his princess-wife, he repainted, re-carpeted, added laminate floors and bought new appliances, and found bargains every effing where. His house now looks pretty amazing, all for a monthly payment less than most 1 bedroom apartments in the area. Cue my ulcers. What's more he's searching for roommates to further reduce operating costs. Excuse me while I throw up.

I am finding that I will hit my budget as far price goes and will come very close to my monthly EMI limit. Budgets are set for a reason, and I shouldn't crib if I stay at par with my limits, but what's wrong in wishing I could save a packet? Since I will probably not get as good of a bargain as S did (I have this silly idea that I don't want to live in a neighborhood where the front lawn is used a 4th bathroom), my house (if someone lets me get that far) will be expensive, old, and won't look as good as I want it to. Sure, there's no way I'll lose money on my investment  and upgrading it over a couple years won't cost much, but that's not much of a consolation considering how tight I'll have to buckle my belt if I don't get roommates.

Yeah, even though I'm no closer to signing on the dotted line than I was a month ago, I've begun scouting for roomies in the area, and prospects are not that hot. I've blocked off horrid memories of past roomies for my own benefit.And this time, I've to find them, run background checks, come up with rental agreements and then let a stranger into my house. Spectacular.

On a good day, I have a plan. On most other days I hate the fucking world.


Purely Narcotic said...

How many good days in a year?

Thanatos said...

At this rate, enough to count on the fingers of 1 hand.