Wednesday, February 11, 2009

White America

As much as I hate hip-hop, I like Eminem's White America. It reminds me of this friend of mine who was playing it while driving ridiculously fast and recklessly on a crowded street. For those that don't know - crowded Indian streets have all kinds of vehicles, pedestrians, stray dogs and occasional cows.

It also reminds me of a scene I saw last week while driving on the interstate. It was crowded as fuck since it was 5 PM, but was surprisingly bright given the season. Saw a cherry red Cadillac pulled over (no fancy rims!), with 4 black guys in it. The cop (white) was standing half a foot away from the window, with 1 hand on his gun. All terribly funny, considering most of Colorado is vanilla-ville and the only color you'll see is a bad sun tan. Gotta love racial profiling.

Once an "exotic dancer" was trying to make conversation with me in a "gentlemen's club". Not that she found me attractive or anything, but my stupid buddies were tossing 5 dollar bills like they were going out of fashion. The "conversation" happened in Spanish until I got her to understand that I wasn't Latino. She then proceeded to tell me that she was glad I was Indian and not "arab" since she hates Muslims. Oh, joy. Thank god people can exercise their freedom of expression hanging upside down from a shiny pole while flinging their undergarments at strangers with dollar bills.


Sudhir Pai said...

ah! the smoke-filled breath of freedom!!

Thanatos said...

In her defense, the long beards must tickle the silicone.