Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mr. Man

I've just been reviewed on Ask and ye shall receive. I loved the review, it's nasty and well written - true to their style. I suppose I shouldn't be laughing after getting such an ass reaming, but it's so good I can't help but like it. I want to post snippets of the review - I can't access the site through work (they have a nasty URL too), will probably do it later.

Anyway. I was driving home last night and with 1 hand I managed to retrieve and put my shades on, dish my phone out, dial a number and some digits while on the call. I was gloating about all this, since the phone has no keys and needs to be watched to access the keypad.

There's a punchline I read on Dilbert once "Everything in a man's world feels great until he tell a woman about it- it's all downhill from there". My female colleague reminded me of Aaron Ralston. His right arm was trapped under a rock while mountain climbing. After being trapped there for long enough he said "fuck it", chopped/hacked his right arm off with a blunt knife, hiked down, drove a stick shift back to civilization.

You, sir, are the alpha male of the century. You are so full of testicular awesomeness Chuck Norris facts should be called Aaron Ralston facts. I wouldn't challenge you to a fist fight if you were tied down to a chair and blindfolded. Salut.


a million different people said...

I told you. My phone is better than yours.

Perakath said...

Chuck Norris counted to infinity. Twice.

Thanatos said...


Yes, dear.

@ Perakath

And Bruce Lee kicked his ass :P