Saturday, February 14, 2009


Went snowboarding today. Didn't fall that much, so - no, didn't get an ass pounding from Mutter Earth. I'm still tired as hell anyway. Before I pass out, a comment on the idiocy I've been seeing in Copper Mountains, CO.

The last time I was there, some dick stole my snowboard. I was fortunate that the rental company didn't charge me for it. Maybe they got it back through the network (the bar codes indicate store name), who knows, I'm not reminding them. This time, I saw 2 people lose their skis. So, to the knuckleheads getting equiment mixed up (or worse - stealing), here's a kind request.

If it ain't yours, leave it the hell alone.
Thank you, have a terrific Hallmark Holiday.


Vaudevillian said...

Hallmark Holidays, I like those.
oh wait. is snowboarding an analogy?

Miss P said...

your blog looks, err, happier. hmm. i sort of preferred what it used to look like. ah well.

Thanatos said...

@ Vaudevillian

Nope. Trust you supported the economy.

@ Miss P

Hello. No age is too late for an identity crisis :)