Friday, February 13, 2009

I asked...and I received

I submitted my blog for a review at Ask...and ye shall receive. I said in the submission form

A collection rants, embedded youtube videos and obscure references that are increasingly reeking of self indulgence. I'll try my best not to cry, but perhaps a kick to the nuts is what I deserve for all this writing.

Brilliant. Outstanding. Moving.
These were some of the words the reviewer didn't use in the review. Excerpts -
But the gray text on black background is hell on my eyes. I suspect "Thanatos" knows this and is just punishing us all, little death boy that he is.
and - know what Mr. The World Is a Vampire? Go fuck yourself.
Wrapped up with a
But keep on doing what you've been doing the last couple of months only better, and post more frequently and more meaningfully, and I'll revisit this rating.
Full review here. Funnily enough, the comments section which often turn into flamefests, and are almost as funny as the review itself, indicated that some of the regulars there liked me (kinda sorta). Got this from the reviewer in the comments -
Thanatos, I may have been having flashbacks during your review. Sorry.
Oh well. All in good fun. I've applied some changes already, will work on this baby some more. Flaming finger or not, I'm still alive, yeah, I'm still alive ;)

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