Thursday, January 15, 2009


Flew across the borders to visit my chaotic little hometown. It's hard to believe this is just day 6, feels like I've already done so much. At the same time, I wish people would stop giving me a fucking reminder of how many days I have left.

Old Uncle who's obviously been breaking wind : "So, when did you get here?"
Me : Jan 11th.
Old Uncle... : When are you leaving?
Me : Feb 1st.
Old Uncle... : Oh, so you just have 17 days left.

And this has happened in every fucking house I've been to. Crap on toast, give me a break. Also, WTF is up with public flatulence?

Meanwhile, people who have their myspace accounts to autoplay music should be banned from the internet. Stat. I know, that's probably 99% of the user base (and 100% of a certain age group), but it's probably best for the rest of us.

I did find a silver lining. I was visiting my soon-to-be-favorite pornstar's profile (probably not NSFW) and heard of this band called "HTRK" (myspace link - what else?). Listen to Fascinator - alt mix. Who knew currently-active pornstars i.e. starlets in their 20s could listen to something more than hip-hop? Whoo.

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a million different people said...

"Oh, will you please excuse me, I need to go fart in private."

"Oops, I'm sorry I farted before I got to the room. My fart overrode my courteous mind."