Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You shook me... all night long.

Or for the best part of 2 hours anyway.

Some bands like Pink Floyd are unique because they fuck with your mind like no one else can (honorable mention : Porcupine Tree). Bands like The Doors are immortal because their themes of darkness and mysticism. Bands like Slayer are fuled plain old aggression. Bands like System of a Down are a steaming pile of shit. But I digress.

There is one band that seems to have only 1 message with every single song they write - "let's have beer mate, let's have some fun". That band, ladies and gentlemen, is AC/DC. I can write pages about how much I love every song on every album, and why. But I'll stop after two, both from the same album. After their lead singer, the inimitable Bon Scott died, you might have thought their next album would be full of sorrowful tunes wallowing in self-pity, drug and alcohol abuse. What they did instead, was to release Back in Black, the 2nd most successfull album of all-fuckin-time. The 2 songs I love are "Back in Black" - what a song to say "we're back assholes, and we're stronger than ever". The other one is "Have a drink on me" - a subtle nod to their fallen friend - "there were some good times mate, let's share a drink in the next life". That's spirit, that's spunk.

I'd been waiting nearly 6 years for this, and it finally happened. Saw them live in Denver yesterday. The show opened with a crazy cartoon of Angus Young driving/crashing a train onstage. The band entered and played for the next 2 hours straight. My ears are still ringing, throat and neck are dead, my head feels like someone shot me. Yep, 'twas a great concert. Set list :

Rock 'N Roll Train
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
Back In Black
Big Jack
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Black Ice
The Jack
Hells Bells
War Machine
Shoot to Thrill
Anything Goes
You Shook Me All Night Long
Whole Lotta Rosie
Let There Be Rock


Highway To Hell
For Those About To Rock

Opening band was The Answer, they sounded superb - a lot like Led Zep. Highlights from the concert included

1) Angus Young stripping slowly to Big Jack and flashing his AC/DC boxers (yikes)
2) Plenty of explosions for TNT
3) Phil Rudd smoking what appeared to be a hand rolled "something"
4) A gigantic blow up doll - big breasts, tattoos, frayed stockings and dollar bills in the thong for "Whole lotta Rosie"
5) Angus playing a 10 minute wowza for Let there be rock while running around the whole stage, rolling around and more.
6) Onstage cannons sounding off the end to For those about to rock... we salute you.

I'll be smiling all by myself  like a jackass for a long time now. Worth the 6 year wait.

As a side, there were 4 jerkwads (2 couples) that made me retch in my ridiculously priced JD and Pepsi (Pepsi Center, Denver - no "c-word" there). The two guys were bent upon falling backwards on us. Fuck you behemoths, if you can't handle the alcohol stay sober the next time. One of them had the gall to smirk and ask me if I had "real" tickets. Of course bitch, it's not just your bud-light drinking white trash ass that can afford them. The two girls, henceforth called the sluts (you'll agree soon), were equally drunk and more clueless. They spent a third of the concert faux-making out (yes, with each other), a third absent from their seats, and the rest taking one handed self shots of themselves, their boyfriends and other such combinations. Not even 1 fucking picture of the legends on stage. Look, if you want to be such a big skank, go do tequila shots in a cheap bar. You'll save money and get a lot more attention. And you won't fall backwards on an exasperated Indian dude trying to fulfill his 6 year old dream. Of course things ended spectacularly, since alcohol and idiots don't mix. They were aisle seats, so 1 of the sluts was standing in the aisle trying to move her leg up and down the other slut's leg. She'd just about reached as far as her fat legs would let her, when she went tumbling down. It took 4 stairs and some really amused old chaps to break her fall. Pity she didn't crack her skull, the gene pool is diluted as it is. The sluts were a lot more subdued after that, and even left before the concert ended. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Arjun said...

Such anger. In someone so young.

You saw AC/DC. Though I'm not a huge fan, good for you.

Purely Narcotic said...

Oh man, white trash! Did they come for the wrong concert, who knows!?!

Sounded like one helluva concert and good to know you enjoyed it- you've been waiting! :)

a million different people said...

I will go cry into pillow. Give me consolation hug.

PS: I'm a different kinda groupie. :P

Thanatos said...

@ Arjun

Hello. Rage happens :)

@ Narcotic

Yeah, maybe they were expecting a banjo solo. Or some hip hop grooves. Thankfully, I'll never know.
Yeah, I'm so happy I went, it was worth the wait!


Come here. *hug*. There, fell better? You're a groupie? Zounds. Does your jealous, overprotective boyfriend know?

a million different people said...

YAAY, felt better, yeah.

Zounds and all. Haha. That bum? Who knows?

Thanatos said...

Yes, zounds, yoicks and everything :D

You should probably tell him then :P