Friday, July 7, 2006


Been boringly sappy lately. Time to pay a refreshing visit to all that I hate

1) Possessive pricks. No, I dont want to get into your girlfriend's pants. She's too ugly. No I dont want to keep that rotten old vessel, I picked it up by mistake.

2) Opinionated jerks. Look a-hole, you arent right all the time and I don't need to hear what you say. Sure being 10 years older than me makes you FEEL wiser and experienced, but no, you're a dickhead. Stop offering your insight into matters that dont concern you, which in your case is EVERYTHING

3) Women bitching about their periods. Too bad its 3-5 days of hell and pre and post MS. You were made that way - deal with it. We suffer your mood swings enough. We dont need to and dont want understand the shyte you go through. And yes, I know you have a fancy blog, I dont need to know about your "sufferings" however well you disguise it. Next time things get hard, do everyone a favor. Use that magnum on yourself. Meanwhile, go make me a sandwich

4) Superhero movies. Superman has a kid. Batman looks batty. Spiderman wants to hump the mirror. Screw you all. When I see a superhero film, I want to see a superhero, not the human side of an alien. If I want reality, I'll go see Survivor. Superhero movies are meant to be detached from reality, so stick to the nonsense will you?

5) SMS retards. How difficult is it to type a full line in god damned english? Yes punching alphabets on a sucky 3.5 in cell phone screen is tough for someone of your intellect and patience, but why the fish do you use the same style on a 106 keys keyboard? Grow up, will you type your miserable little resume in SMS?

6) Readers. What the deuce were you expecting here? Am I supposed to hold your attention? Make you think perhaps? So that you can respond with a "LOL" maybe? You werent meant to read this. Do something useful, pull a trigger, for example


Purely Narcotic said...


What angsty er, shite. :P

Thanatos said...

Geez, now this is embarrassing :(

Purely Narcotic said...

Yes, mission accomplished. Now I only have to pull trigger or alternatively carve crescent on cheek and watch blood flow :D