Thursday, June 29, 2006

One breath away

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In language, a metaphor (from the Greek: metapherin) is a rhetorical trope defined as a direct comparison between two or more seemingly unrelated subjects.

Reaction to being immersed underwater, unexpectedly, is amazing. The instinct to survive coupled with human emotions of fear, love, desire all act together to pull that hunk of flesh out of trouble.

The nightmare begins before touching the water. There is a vague sense of fear that something is not as it should be. "Is it possible?" the mind races as the answer is confirmed in an instant. There is a rush of air and you know things are out of control. Splash. First contact. The fall took forever and every second is distinctly etched in the mind. At first there is shock. Disbelief that something horrible just happened. The water is cold to the skin and the first strong sense is of the smell of all the water. Before you know it, for an eternity you head straight down and you realize how deep 12 ft can be. The arms and legs flail helplessly as the brain tries to make sense of it all. The water burns the eyes and the nostrils. All you can hear is the passive sigh of the water. You cant hear the world above you, cant see a foot on any side. Paranoi ensues as you realize you're on yor own. Some sanity returns and you organize your efforts. Fat help that did. You go nowhere. Your lungs are begining to announce their presence. The heart is still pounding from the fall and you chest feels like an over-stuffed stomach after a free meal. As the arms get tired, a new reality dawns. Maybe this was meant to be the end.

Maybe accepting this will make the rest of my last seconds more peaceful. You breathe in that cold water but choke and cough. More water in your nose. The cold wave hits you in the back of the head. Your lungs are exploding with fury, eyes red, nose is burning and the head is heavy as lead. But the mind gives it one last tug. "I wont die in the bottom of a filty pool! I can make it! I need to try, I cant give up". You look up and do your best to move your arms in a rowing motion. Your legs follow feebly. All those lessons bounce around in the back of your head. You curse yourself for not listening to your instructor well enough. You promise to make ammends when you survive. "IF you survive" says a cynic inside your head.

I dont know where this ends. Will there be fresh air to breathe at the end of this? Will the body sink to the bottom taking the soul with it?

From Wikipedia

Clinical depression is a state of sadness, melancholia or despair that has advanced to the point of being disruptive to an individual's social functioning and/or activities of daily living. Although a low mood or state of dejection that does not affect functioning is often referred to as depression, clinical depression is a medical diagnosis and is different from the everyday meaning of "being depressed".

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Purely Narcotic said...

Everytime I read posts like these I'm reminded of this. Sigh le sigh.