Thursday, February 23, 2006

Why I wanna be blind

Scene : 3 AM in the Engineering lobby. Place is still swarming with studying Koreans and Desis (what we Indians call each other)

Situation : Protagonist dressed in the following manner

Blue jeans, yellow shirt with pinstripes, green sweater, gray socks with purple spots.

The other desis in the lobby were wearing various permutations and combinations of the same. I'm not too fashionable and all that but honestly, why do some of us desis dress like inmates from a madhouse?

PJ time

Gori to desi in tweed : Hey there, are you here for the 70's revival festival?
Desi : No I'm from Patiala

PS : This post needed three edits for language that seemed akin to a retard typing with a banana

PPS : Why would a retard type with a banana? Because....He's a retard!! I'm on a roll


Akshaya Aradhya said...

Let's take a wiiild guess !!!!

A banana to anyone who guesses who was drunk here! Hic! Hic!!! :D

Oneirodynic said...

Whats that fucking spoon/fork doing in the extreme left of every title?Food for thought or some such shit?