Sunday, November 20, 2005

Fate Awaits you

Although I try my best to understand them, humans are determined to prove how stupid our race is. The following words were written in 3 minutes of extreme hatred. A personal record

Awaken ye dumb fool
From this slumber self induced
a wasted life pointless existance
A singular end awaits you now

The darkness falls
silent is the night
your heart beats quicker
the end is near

You cant see it now
Not just yet
But the gates have shut
and book is closed

The Reaper smiles
his hunt has ended
he smells fear
and will taste your blood

You see Him now
Your skin is ablaze
Fear in your eyes
You seek His mercy

The scyhte swings
You scream and shout
Pain is paramount
but the fear even more

The curse is lifted
I can smile
Your blood flows like the silent wind
A happy hour a happy passing

Meet your maker
Face your fate
Condemned forever
to the depths of hell
I am alone as I was meant to be


Crouching Tigress said...

Lol. One thing I love a LOT is cynical thinking! But then what I percieve as cynical...
If you are an atheist, how do you believe in Satan? How can there be evil if there is no good? But then maybe satan isnt evil to you. Ok I am so fucking tired I am crapping all over the place.
I like the last stanza btw..

PSB said...

Thanks for the words.

Sadly enough, all my wrting is getting pretty monotonous. Seems to me, I'd like a whole lot of people bumped off...

My views on god are somewhat complex (for my understanding) and this presents a good oppurtunity for a fresh post

kemeya said...

ssup? What do you have little one?

PSB said...

Great. You're "here". I'm so scared

Devathma said...

too fuckin good to digest
Great work man