Thursday, September 15, 2005


you seek release from the pain
that you know not you suffer
its not death you deserve
its more pain

your closed your eyes too long
open them now stare into mine
my words fall on deaf ears
my fingers itch to talk

i'm right above you
you can feel my breath
feel the hatred coming
as my hands grip you

your neck in my cold grip
i begin my work a rush of blood
you can breathe no more

you battle you resist
struggle so weak so futile
you dont understand
you still dont see me do you?

your mouth speaks empty words
of fear and pleas for mercy
but i wont stop
i will meet the beast in you

you double with pain
and at last it awakens
it speaks to me
words of evil words of ego

i will slay the monster within
the one who took you away from me
at last your eyes open
he peeps from within

his anger rises reaches to strike
but he wont hurt me now
my soul is dead i dont live i exist

the battle ends its too late
he takes you with him
you breathe no more
the sruggle is over

i look back at my work
my heart of stone feels no joy
a smile is frozenon your lifeless face
you awoke just for a second

as the beast took you
i saw the one i loved
and then it was over
no longer mortal
the glory above awaits you
my deed is done i'm long gone
the fires of hades consume all that in me