Saturday, September 10, 2005


Late one night she walked
in a street with no name
her days were damned and nights cursed
Insanity flowed in her viens

Neither happy nor sad
She was tired of her skin
sick of her thumping heart
Her mind craved for release
Depraved they called her
She spoke not the tongue of mortals
heard the voice of the fiend
But not this day not this hour

She was alone with her thoughts
Her mind soared
She saw what she sought
The path to salvation
The metal glinted in her hands
It felt warm to her cold skin

She closed her eyes
Her blood would purge the earth
But time froze and she blinked
In the haze she saw a color
a mortal would call the purest
it beckoned from the world above

She heard the voice
as calm as the metal she held
"Hear me well, hear me long
Your body is a gift
Not yours to disfigure
but mine to cherish
you seek release not from your body
but from the land you tread on

Wake up and cast aside your shell
Set your mind free from its prison
Fly away from this world of ruin
Make not haste do it now"

the night was dark again
but not her spirit
her body dropped to the cold floor
as she soared in the skies above

They found her lifeless form
on the street with no name
marvelled at her wasted beauty
the smile that was frozen forever

The sun rose and the grass grew
Her mind was unbound and free
She was alive more than she ever was
A life to live for, a death to die for

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