Thursday, June 9, 2005

The Day of Tenth

The hearts beat quicker and the eyes grow gloomy
Men grow weary and shiver with fright
Watch on helpless wrath of nature's fury
For the dusk cometh and approaches the hour
When the two elders resume their war

The sun sets and darkness falls
The night grows cold as the wind howls
The long and lonely march begins
Grim is the mood as the dust rises
With a roar they set off; deafening is the sound
Of crunching boots and clanking metal

Cast your eyes on the advancing troops
Lo Behold! There's a child within
His fists are clenched and eyes are bloodshot
His mind echos the words of the elder
The one he calls his master
He thinks of the war and his pulse thumps harder

"Have not fear O Little one!
For the war is there to be won
We may live, we may die
Look into my eyes you wont find a lie
Brace yourself for the battle within
choose well your side my son, there's history in the making
The war on the field is yours for the taking"

Ere the dark lord rasps in the distance
Growls with anger and Screams at the hordes
"Fear I see deep within
In your hearts as well as those we kill
But bow not to that fear
Fight with malice and make it your strength
Spare no mercy; let blood flow on this day of Tenth"

The legions begin the long trek
On what they know is the final war
The stench unbearable and the sight miserable
Of the carrion of human legacy
They must fight; for what they know not
But march they must, for the Lord knows no such thing as kindness

Foul is the hour when the troops draw sight
Of the two there's one that looks bright
For at their helm sits earth's last hope
But the other smirks with displeasure
As their dark lord grunts in mirth
He is the curse that walks the earth

The clouds have no moon to hide
At last the two great masters draw sight
The lines are drawn and the stage is set
For awhile no one speaks for there's too much to say
But at last the demagogue utters his thoughts of filth
"This is the day when i realize my dream
I will rule this race of men"

The other just smiles in peace
No cruel words will disturb his mind
His vision is clear and thoughts so pure
Head held high and chest outward, he speaks to the evil one
"Your dream is no more than a ruse
Open your eyes my dear friend
Before it begins this fight can end"

He growls, he spits, the beast is now hoarse
"Friend you are not; weak are your words
I bow not to your fallacy
For I stand and fight, live to conquer
Today is the day of my glory and your ruin
Today is the day of Tenth, my destiny beckons
No more words, Let it begin
The last fight on this Earth, between Good and Evil"

They draw their swords, brace themselves
Ready are the troops for their masters' call
"Death!" is the cry as the wind gushes
The enemies charge at one another
So close they are that their eyes can meet
And smell the hatred in each others' breaths
But for these they care not, its the weapons that will talk

Battle plans all gone hazyy
The troops go into a killing frenzy
Arms are cut and throats are slit
Flesh is torn and blood is spilt
The noise of violence is harsh and deafening
Bodies fall quicker than drops of rain

The lord of mercy is no more gentle
He must kill for man's lost legacy
The dark lord's weapons move with great fury
Death is is my greatest ally this night, he thinks
Many die, lost are their names
Their deeds doomed to fade away in time

But it doth not matter to them
If the future remembers them with kindly a thought
What matters now is the war at hand
The troops will die but much rather kill
For its the enemy that deserves to die
The night grows old as the bloodbath grows

Out from the corner of a tired eye
The good man sees the fallen troops of friend and foe
Deep in his heart cries a voice
"So many killed, so fruitless a fight
What is victory achieved by pain?"
But then the mind pulses, thoughts are clear
"Let this sword make best for men"

The numbers have waned and few are left
Not one with a bloodless sword or woundless body
The very last few square off again
Form the ranks of a tired formation
With a final hurrah they rush at each other
The battle now is almost over

Swords are flashed and heads are cut
The cries are now fewer and far flung
The brave troops now are all but spent
Only the two great elders are alive
Left to face each other's blind fury
Their swords will now finally taste
The flesh their metal was cast to tear

But the duel wont start so soon
Not when there's so much bitterness within
The dark lord surveys his old foe
Glares at him with eyes of hatred
"Fought well you have O'great one
But now it ends right at this hour
The dawn cometh and so does my legacy"

The lord of the just speaks not a word
Swings his sword at the master of evil
The dark lord counters the sword, deafening is the sound
The fists move too quick for the eye to see
As the fight nears its gory end
Blood flows like rivers from both the great men

At last the sun rises and blinding is the glint
One of the swords finds its mark
Pierces the chest of the heartless evil
Struck is the lord, lost is his power
He falls to the ground with thundering sound
Now he knows the evil has lost

The lord of mercy speaks with compassion
"It did not have to end this way
Death is not the ending that I wished
But so it comes and this you deserve
Death by my blade and salvation for men"

The dark lord even in death
Sways not from his evil ways
Spits on the ground and growls at his foe
"A loss is not what I have suffered
Death is not what you have given me
The stab of the blade has given me never ending life
And a new abode to call my home
I live on in your very heart
For by killing me you have sinned
Polluted you are for touching me
I bid goodbye my faithful friend
Forget not this day of Tenth"

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