Thursday, November 18, 2010

Colorado Sunrise

Me : So guess what, that tooth aching and all, I was looking for dentists

Kid : Yeah?

Me : (about to launch into details about insurance SNAFUs, x-ray BS, worries about dental hygiene)

Kid : Hey, can you see the sun from where you are?

Me : Umm, no?

Kid : Oooh, there's this rainbow like thing below it. It's so cool

Me : ....

Kid : Let me a take a picture and call you back

Me : ....


Bird said...

I'd say you're lucky. At least you're not being forced to go. Dentists suck. Bring on the sunsets, I say.

Heathcliffs Girl said...

At least he wants to go (by himself) :/ Dentists are muchly important!