Monday, July 27, 2009

When I'm sixty four

When I started this blog, some 3 years ago, I was imitating the stylings of several peers who were using blogger as an early prototype of twitter. It was also a stage in my life when I had started living independently and there was much angst I was trying to flush from the system. The snark you see in the archives from 2007 is real. And then, like anything typical of an aimless hobby, I quit. I posted the ocassional videos and non-sequitors but the purpose behind my blogging excursions dwindled with every post.

I restarted blogging because of prodding from the kid, and stuck to writing thanks to a kick in the nuts from these fellas. At the time of restarting/resuming "writing", my purpose was to chronicle my life as I lived it here. I have a reasonably active social life, things happen to/around me and my background should provide a unique perspective.

Like a pilot for Fox, it was a good premise.However, as I soldiered on, I realized I was writing a lot about the life I left behind, not the one I've adopted in the last few years. Nearly all my posts seem to be centered around incidents from childhood or my teenage. These are strong memories and emotions, and they make for good writing. However, these memories are finite, and some are personal.

I can only write about something when I feel strongly about it, and an evening with pals spent emptying a case of Heineken just doesn't cut it. Amidst the grainy black and white film, the grey haired guy with the deep Russian accent mumbles "you need a break".

While I'm no genius, and certainly not smart enough to turn an evening of bar crawling into an interesting post starring a motely bunch of foreigners, I need some time to figure this out.

Thanatos out.

PS : Update : Writing that post actually hurt, I feel like I've lost something I love dearly.


Purely Narcotic said...

I'm the annoying eternal optimist so I shall wait. :)

Cynic in Wonderland said...

thanatos back. please.

point is are you writing for others or yourself? if it is for yourself ( and eventually it WILL be), its your compilation of life nuggets - something which might be trivial right now, but might capture a verbal kodak moment as it were. it doesnt have to be regular, or consistent or anything. but if you love it, come back.

Thanatos said...

I feel like such a blog whore.

@ Narcotic : Thanks!

@ Cynic : Points well taken. I'm not going anywhere, just a small break from all this rigmarole. It could be a month, or a week - but will definitely not be permanent.

Rassles said...

You could always just take that drunken night and work and rework until you've mastered the drunken night story style.

Also: Okay, this is fucking awesome. Word V?

"rurin waivs"


I ruin lives.

Australis said...

Well, I just started reading your blog and am definitely disappointed to see that you are taking a break from writing. But happy to hear it isn't permanent.

Hope the head-clearing process goes well.

Thanatos said...

@ Rassles : Engrish!!

@ Australis : So far so good, come back :)