Thursday, April 30, 2009

One More Time

You : Dressed up like hell, as usual.
Me : Black tee with funny graphics and blue jeans, as usual.
Us : Super awkward because you figured I was trying to hit on you the last time I saw you.
The evening : Full of mind games
Me, later in the evening : Chilling offstage with a beer
You, a little later : Dancing with random dudes trying to catch my eye - and succeeding twice.

Thank god we did the mature thing and acted like there was nothing wrong.


Purely Narcotic said...

*pats on the back* Proud of you for resisting temptation.

Purely Narcotic said...

'Dressed up like hell'

Does that mean she was a riot and looked like she walked out of a disaster?

(And of course, heeding Captcha's advice: Nosag no?)

Perakath said...

Actually the awkwardness must've been because you figured she figured you were trying to hit on her the last time, which you were. No?

Thanatos said...

@ Narco : Thanks for the pat on the back. She was dressed to kill, as it were, but it's more of a compliment than what she deserves. Female canine...

@ Perakath : Yes, you're right bro. Shhh, please?

a million different people said...

Oh noes. International threat.

Purely Narcotic said...

Worry not, kid! If matters have to be taken care, they gladly will be ;)

Thanatos said...

@ AMDP : Right.

@ Narco : Ruh-roh!

Purely Narcotic said...