Saturday, March 28, 2009

September Sun

Me and a few pals were watching Knocked Up. When the kid is finally born, the hero's friends go crazy and celebrate with him. I avoid congratulating people when they/their wives are knocked up. However, at that moment I understood why people celebrate kids so much, why there's so much joy in bringing someone into the world.

These feelings may have something to do with the 4 hours of drinking that preceded it, the 16 mile drive to get fries from McD and back to back to back movies. You know a girl (Heather Graham in this case) is truly beautiful and not just sexy when a drunk chap says "I'd put her on her back, take her clothes off and make love to her".You don't "tap that ass" when the girl is beautiful, I guess. 

I love drinking. I love hard liquor, and in large amounts. I didn't drink in college, but more than made up for it in grad school. I have this belief that everything's better with alcohol.Heck, I even hold entire conversations after a few beers.

I was reading about Bif Naked. Did you know she was born in India? And that she's straight edge? I've decided that after I finish this beer I have now, I'll go straight edge for a month. Who knows, even more. The longest I've gone without a drink in the past is about 10 days and I almost lost it then. Life's a lot less stressful now, lets see how this goes...


Purely Narcotic said...

Nice post! Last night a friend and I were discussing after being sufficiently drunk on beer, how alcohol and ciggies and even pot can be a 'social lubricant'. There's something about clinking mugs of beer with random strangers or friends that makes everything outside of that moment in the present fall away; there's even a way of making a connection-an ice breaker of sorts- in borrowing a lighter. Potters obviously unite and can sit in silence and have the most amazing time ever.

Heh. Aside: What is the length of an entire conversation? ;)

Perakath said...

Good luck. It's all in the mind! A month should be easy-peasy.

Perakath said...

This is not a comment.

Thanatos said...

@ Narcotic : True, thank god for alcohol :)
A conversation starts with the weather and ends when it comes up again.

Perakath : Yeah, I think I'll make it. It's not like these have been the longest 4 days in my recent past ;)