Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pretty Tied Up

I've been force feeding entertainment into my cranium all day today. From "The Hinges of Battle" to "How I met your mother" to "Shanataram" to "Californication" to Arthur C Clarke. All from the comfort of my couch, stepping out only to get a burrito, and fix my satellite TV.

Mostly from the comfort of my couch. The word decadence comes to mind, it's something the mechanic would kick my ass for. You thought I didn't read?

We're in the rat race, we're in the long line of cars stuck on the highway, we are the products of a generation that strived for a controlled life. We've come to accept that a man with a tattoo and a mysterious accent who has no idea where he'll sleep the next night is the epitome of "living a free life" and is cool. Writers, musicians, producers and directors urge us to get out, make us think about the life while selling their wares, and we lap them up. Until the ride back home. On the highway. In the car with the good mpg and 5 star crash rating.

Some of us do, anyway.

But why should life be unpredictable? Why should I let discontent drive me? Why shouldn't I do what I do because I fucking love it, and I'm good at it? Why shouldn't I aim to do better at the job because, well, I can? Why shouldn't I dream of living a life in a house that I'll pay off in 30 years? Why would I want to be clever by finding extremely circuitous ways to say something bleedingly obvious? Why should I have to put up with people who expect that of others?

Yeah, I'm not keen on adding any more scars (3 is a good number) before I die, and I'm not losing any sleep over it. When I look around, I see people that lead truly fucked up lives. Violence, drugs, bad relationships, poverty, uncertainty - there's so much shit that some of them put up with. I've made some good choices over the years, and have worked to get this order in my life. So, be as condescending as you'd like to be the next time you see me. I'll hate your guts for it, but will never want to trade lives with you. Hope you find a life you enjoy before your  bones are traded for metal replacements. All the best.


Purely Narcotic said...

Wooo! The motivation it empowers!:D

Keep it going and good luck. This is the one time I wouldn't mind sitting on the curb and applauding :)

Thanatos said...

Haha thanks :)

What drives you?

Purely Narcotic said...

Perfection. In everything in every form everywhere. Moving target so it's frustrating but keeps me sane and motivated :D

Thanatos said...

Ooh perfection, that's awesome. Does it get you all riled up if you don't achieve it?

Purely Narcotic said...

Yeah till I pull off my Zen of Artful Living tricks out of the bag. Then it's a smooth ride from there on. I'm an emotional person so everything ties back to emotional involvement, but once I step outside of that it all falls into place. And perfection is a fingertip away :)

Thanatos said...

If you can use emotions when you want to and disconnect when you don't need them, there's zen alright :)

Purely Narcotic said...

Yes, Yes..the Zen of Living and Loving and Everything in between ;)

Rassles said...

This was fucking great. Everyone's so focused on being an individual that they've forgotten that an individual stays true to themselves, and however that may happen is just fine.

Thanatos said...

@ Rassles

Hello, and thanks! Lot of depression going around these days.