Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bus Journeys - I

On a sunny day, wake up, bright and early, fresh in the morning. Cleanse yourself in whatever way works for you. Eat well, dress to comfort. Load the mp3 player with a 100 of your favorite tunes, preferably a mixture of metal, rock and even techno. Wear dark, REALLY dark shades. Catch a bus that takes a long circular route. Settle down in the back row, center. Switch on the player.

Watch as people clamber on, pay the money and find a place to sit/stand. Some will sit in between any 2 strangers. Some others won't stand next to another living being. Observe each decision carefully. No two reactions are the same.

Watch people in conversation. Turn up the volume to blot out any external sounds. Picture the conversation with the words in your ears instead. The curly haired hippie who wants to get down on that hoe, the blond who's soul satan consumed, the lady in a suit who wants to dance all night. Not their words or thoughts, but an interesting effect.

Wonder what perception really is. Wonder if I have the volume up too high in my ears. Wonder if I should care

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