Saturday, January 1, 2005

About me

About Me 

I frown. A lot. Indian with a dot, who calls English his second language when convenient.Thanatos is the Greek god of death and mortality, wikipedia says. I'm not into any kind of goth/alternate lifestyle - this is a username I've seen no one use.

Grew up in Bangalore, India. Reached hippie central (Boulder) for my masters. I now work in Denver. Real hard. I'm an engineer by profession, and geek by choice.

This blog started in '05 when I posted a bunch of poems I wrote as an angry teen. I'm not proud of them, but I have this thing about not deleting anything I write (in real life what is said is said, no?). The blog has moved twice since then. Until mid-08 or so, I was pretty unfriendly and didn't care much for people's opinions. The earlier iterations of the blog had the comments blocked and the URLs were never shared. I simply didn't care about who read them. People change, and so I did too. Perhaps I may change again, until then I'll try and behave.

About the Blog

Geek stuff - Best viewed at resolution over 1280 by 760 pixels (and you should get off the net if you have something that doesn't support it). All external links open in new tabs.

A Shaman is associated with spirituality (which I completely lack) and features prominently in Jim Morrison's work - The Doors are my favorite band. The blues? Don't we all get them now and then?

The original idea behind my writing was to chornicle my thoughts thanks to my perspective - Indian / Indian living in the states / Indian living in the states being a dick to most people and so on. Turns out that I still feel very strongly about my past, memories and anecdotes from growing up in India, and I seem to write more about that than my current life.

However, this current life will be my past 5 years from now, and I need to put some thoughts to paper, mainly for me to look back on. Spontaneity is the goal from now on, and I wonder where it'll lead me next.

Cast of Characters

I get along well with my boss and nearly everyone in the office. Which means they probably won't show up on this blog. The few regulars here are

The Kid - People have girlfriends, better halves, sweethearts and special friends. This gorgeous, intelligent, snooty, snarky little girl will always be my first kid.

Mum, granma - I've always felt closer to Mum (you know I love you too Dad), and mum's mum - granma was an incredible woman who passed away in June 2008.

S - A hilarious friend of mine, though the joke's almost always on him. He's from a country close to India but often acts more Indian than me (read : love for Hindi films, music and taste for greasy food).

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Sameer Agarwal said...

Loved ur writing da... You're honest. Thanks.